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Installation components

Pos. Type Description Downloads View online
1 Adaptor Exd/Exe adaptors, M16-M90, metallic or nylon Datasheet ENG
2 Reducers Exd/Exe reducers, M16-M90, metallic or nylon Datasheet ENG
3 Insulated adaptor Exd insulated adaptors provide a means to isolate the earth of the supply cable from the load equipm... Datasheet ENG
4 Male to male / female to female Exd male to male / female to female thread combinations can reduce by one size of the same thread fo... Datasheet ENG
5 Right angle adaptor Right Angle Adaptors provide a means of connection where protrusion space is limited whilst simultan... Datasheet ENG
6 Swivel adaptor Adaptor has the advantages of the standard inline and fixed 90° Adaptors, with the addition of the ‘... Datasheet ENG
7 Stopping plug Exd/Exe stopping plugs of types: RX Plug Type CB, Tamperproof Plug Type CF, Hexagon Head Plug Type C... Datasheet ENG
8 Breather drain Exde / Exe breather drain plugs effectively drain moisture from an enclosure and allow air from the ... Datasheet ENG
9 Stopper box /adaptor Exd stopper box is designed to seal conductors at the entry to the enclosure via conduit or to enabl... Datasheet ENG
10 Union Exd unions are designed to provide a running joint whilst eliminating exposed threads and are partic... Datasheet ENG
11 Accessories Earth tags, washers, locknuts, lockrings, earthing locknuts, screwed nipplings, couplers, bushes, sh... Datasheet ENG