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Accessories, glasses and gaskets

Pos. Type Description Downloads View online
1 DIN 7080 Circular sight glass disc (borosilicate) to DIN 7080. Datasheet ENG Manual
2 DIN 8902 Circular sightglass discs (Soda Lime) to DIN 8902. Datasheet ENG Manual
3 Discs with hole Circular sightglass discs with central hole 10,5 mm ΓΈ. DIN 7080/DIN 8902 Datasheet ENG Manual
4 Lumiglas safety sightglass glasslook Lumiglas safety sightglass glasslook. Substitute for conventional inspection port fittings. Datasheet ENG Manual
5 Spare gaskets circular sightglass Spare gaskets for circular sightglass fitting, non pressurized.
6 DN11851 MV Spare gaskets for DIN11851 MV-series.
7 DIN2810 Spare gaskets for DIN2810 sightglass.
8 DIN2811 Spare gaskets for DIN2810 sightglass.
9 Spare gaskets double sightglass Spare gaskets for double sightglass.
10 Spare gaskets rectangular sightglass Spare gaskets for rectangular sightglass.
11 Spare gaskets tubular sightglass/flow indicator Spare gaskets for tubular sightglass / flow indicator.
12 SW1 Sightglass wiper type SW1. For manual cleaning, when required, of inside glass surface in sightports... Datasheet ENG Manual
13 SW2 BW Sightglass wiper with flexible drive type SW ll BW. For manually activated cleaning, when required, ... Datasheet ENG Manual
14 Spray device Spray device for circular sight glass fittings to DIN 28120 and similar. For intermittent (when need... Datasheet ENG Manual
15 Integrated timers Integrated timers for luminaires (for large housings, ULS06/07 etc). Datasheet ENG Manual
16 External timer External timer for luminaires. For both hazardous and non hazardous areas. Datasheet ENG Manual ATEX
17 Transformer Wall-mounted transformers. Datasheet ENG