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TrainTalk, GSM-R

Malux Finland Oy, in cooperation with Kapsch CarrierCom, offers tailor-made solutions for communication on railway areas. All our GSM-R devices have been design according to the latest specifications and are fully compliant with the mandatory requirements.

Complete unit or separately installed kits?
The TrainTalk™ kit has a modular design, which enables the system to be optimally installed in a variety of railway cabs, of different generations, as well as in maintenance vehicles in the railway area.
The installation of the system is flexible; all components can be installed separately as free-standing units, or it can be modified for enclosure installation and rack enclosures as well. The installation time is short and efficient!

Pos. Type Description Downloads View online
1 RC900 GSM-R Cab Radio Linux-käyttöjärjestelmä, integroitu GPS, WiFi ja mahdollisuus ottaa vastaan ohjelmapäivityksiä langa... Brochure
2 CH 2000 Tigr-350R/550R Charger for Train use, I/0 for call forwarding function used in 8W cab radio, Supply ... Brochure
3 DP 2012 Complete Desktop unit, Supply voltage 230VAC with battery backup Brochure
4 DP 2013 Complete Desktop unit, Supply voltage 24VDC with battery backup Brochure
5 TM 2002 Dashboard / modulare installation, Supply voltage 24VDC Brochure
6 SR 2004 Installation with enclouser, Supply voltage 24VDC Brochure
7 RM 2006 Rack installation, Supply voltage 24VDC Brochure
8 TS 2008 Training unit, portable or fixed, Supply voltage 230VAC/24VDC Brochure
9 TS 2010 Portable or fixed unit, Supply voltage 24VDC Brochure
10 Converter DVC75 DC/DC 110/24 75W Brochure